Top 15 websites to make money online and work from home

With growing digitisation, lots of job opportunities have risen and talented people from all over the world are getting an equal chance to showcase their skills and hone their talents. Now a days more and more people are looking for work online and have become location independent and work at their own comfort of time. 
The Internet is the largest socio-economic phenomenon of our century. It changed the way people communicate, collaborate, and live. It also created a whole new type of worker: the online worker. Those are people who work full time on the Internet. Some make money through their blogs, others leverage affiliate marketing, others yet focus on providing services over the web
In this article, we try to bring some of the best website which you can register and start working online according to your skill and talent. Bookmark the one that suits you.
  • Blog, VLog
– Google Adsense and YouTube Partnership
If you are good at making videos or writing  your own blog then why not earn some extra cash. Google Adsense is one of the best way you can start minting cash . If you become a hit and get huge subscribers and Views then there is no looking back.
Payment: PayPal, Cheque
– Affiliate With Amazon associates,
If you own a blog or website than partnering with these websites and becoming affiliated to them could become useful to you. One can earn commission on referring customers to them through your website. It’s very simple, legitimate and you can track your referent as well.
Amazon: It is one of the top website offering great list of products and can be useful to anyone into the Lifestyle category.
Booking: If you have a travel blog like us then this is the top most company you should  affiliate with and start generating revenues.
Payment: PayPal, Bank transfer etc. 
  • Technology
Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. Here You can add extra Gigs and list more services by adding $5, $10 etc. The basic $5 applies for a single service.
Payment: PayPal 
  • Freelancing
Hundreds of freelance work are listed here on daily basis across lots of categories. If you have something to offer like data entry, writing jobs etc, just list your profile here and get registered. Bid for the job, finish the work and get paid. As simple as that.
Payment: PayPal, Bank Transfer
  • Sell Products
If you have products to sell or have business which involves selling of goods than why not upload your products online and get viewed by 1000’s of customers nationwide. That’s the idea of this big online retail store. Here you can list your products and get customer from any corner of the country. 
Payment: Bank Transfer
  • Photography
Today is the world of Photos and Videos. Anywhere we go, be it a one day picnic, a short vacation or just a day out. We end up taking lots of photographs. If you are into such hobby and love taking photographs, why not make some extra cash out of it. Yes, if you have that skill then try selling your work and you can make money out of it.
Payment: PayPal, Cheque
  •  Transcription
This is a basic work you can choose to get some extra cash in your pocket. One can’t rely as a main source of income from this website but this can certainly help you get few extra bucks. You just need to transcript the voice memo etc and get paid for it.
Payment: PayPal
  • Teaching
If you are a professional or certified teacher and don’t have time to go out and teach or you just wanna add some extra source of income apart from your daily jobs then this is for you.  Here you can make around $9- $13 an hour. All you will need is computer and a camera. You can get paid well and plus from the comfort of your home. The best part is location independent.
Payment: PayPal
  • Designer
A platform for freelance designers. This website lets you compete in design contests and get feedback as clients choose the best ones. It’s a great way for talented designers to prove their talents.
Payment: Payoneer, PayPal
Hope this article will benefits you some or the other way. I am sure there are many other websites for working online. Do comment below with the name you are working for. This might be helpful for others.

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