Top 5 Vada Pav spots in Aamchi Mumbai

Vada Pav often referred to as Mumbai’s Burger is very famous in the city and regarded as one of the best fast foods. Many people often rely on Vada Pav for their one time meal. If this food is so important, we want to figure out the best place to have Vada Pav which is tasty and prepared with all hygienic guidelines

Following are the top 5 places in Mumbai for Vada Pav.

Shivaji Vada Pav

This stall in located outside the Mithibai college in Vileparle is very popular in Mumbai. They are almost 30 years old. The mouth watering, hot and soft Vada will just melt in your mouth.

Kirti College

The name of this centre is Ashok Vada Pav but everyone knows it as Kirti college Vada Pav Located at Dadar West Since 3 decades. This is very famous in the locality and everyone from politicians to filmstars and diva are fan of this centre. You will have to wait in queue if visited between 4-7 pm.

CTO Vada Pav

This one is located at flora fountain at footpath abutting CTO building . This is nameless outlet started by mill worker. The soft and melt in mouth batter is must have and the red dry chatni is just a killer.

Aaram Vada Pav

This is located at Capitol cinema near CST station. This is one of the busiest and almost 70 years old. The fried chillies and chopped onion adds to the overall dish of Vada Pav plate. They get crowd from commuters and office goers. Many pack it for that journey.

Shri Gajanan Vada Pav

This one is located at Ishant nagar, Thane West. This one is typical maharashtrian flavour Vada Pav served with sweet and sour chatni. Spicy and rich in taste.

There might be many more such Vada Pav spots which are very famous and I am unaware about.

if you know any such spot then do let us know by commenting to this post :).

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