Top Places in India for adventure sports.

Some of the adventure sports are very new to India like Scuba diving and snorkelling, Ballooning and Paragliding etc but few place in India specialize for its kind of adventurous and traditional sports such as Rock climbing, trekking and Jallikattu.

In the last few years India has become one of the hotspots for the adventurous travel and is now known as one of the best places in the world for its traditional and adventures games. The one who is tight with budget and can’t abroad to try some of the adventure sports, following list below will be helpful to fulfill your dream.

Skiing in Kashmir: Kashmir, the paradise on earth offers the opportunity to indulge in extreme snow sports like Snowboarding, ice-skating and Skiing etc. Gulmarg in Kashmir, Kufri in Shimla and Auli in Uttarakhand are well known destinations in India for adventure skiing and other winter sports. Skiing is the major attraction of Kashmir along with ice-skating in frozen lakes and hiking in deep valleys.

Rafting in Himachal: Rivers of Great Himalayas like Chanderbhaga, bhagirathi Satluj and Ravi are some of the best rivers for white water rafting in India. River rafting is an extreme sport with thrills till the end in the highly dangerous rivers of Great Himalayas. The rolling white water of these rivers are offer tremendous opportunities for the challenging adventure sports activities of river Rrafting. Manali along with Kullu are some of the excellent options for adventure river rafting along with kayaking and other water sports.

Mountain Climbing in Uttarakhand: The peak of Greater Himalaya make Uttarakhand as one of the best places for mountaineering and climbing activities. Most of the area of Uttarakhand is either covered by forest or snow covered mountains with rocky hills and beautiful meadows. Mountain Climbing is a very challenging sport and needs skills to choose and perform the right technique at the right time, effectively and efficiently.

Trekking in Arunachal: The slice of paradise is still untouched and unexplored, northeast India offers rare and wild experience of Trekking and adventure caving. The famous Bomdila Dirang Trek, Twang Mago Trek, Se La Nuranang Trek are the few destinations in the world to offer a wonderful experience of trekking. Trekking is the various beautiful valleys of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh with variety of flora and fauna should be a great experience. Its dense forests, rolling hills and lush green beauty also offers hiking,jungle camping and other mountain sports.Trekking_in_India

Scuba Diving in Andaman: The Andaman and Nicobar islands are union territories of India and famous for its virgin beaches and unexplored beauty of nature.These small islands are known for exciting scuba diving and snorkeling. Havelock Island is one of best sport to explore the under water untouched beauty of the Andaman Islands.

Flying Fox in Kerala: Apart from adventures water sports, Kerala offers one of the extreme and fascinating sport called FlyingFox. FlyingFox a unique journey from above the hills,rivers or valley’s with ultra-strong steel zip lines and at the same time enjoy the breath-taking view of down earth. As you fly through the steel zip lines like a giant fox from the valleys of Kerala also Fort in Rajasthan offers the same.

Bungee Jumping in Karnataka: The extreme sport bungee jumping is very young sport in India and yet to get popular in the country. Feel the fun along with thrill of Bungee Jumping in India, Mysore in Karnataka, Rishikesh in uttaranchal and Anjuna village in Goa are only few destination in India to experience the exciting thrill of weightlessness. Rishikesh get India’s Highest Bungee Jump Platform of 83 Meters.Bungee-Jumping-Karnataka.

Water Sports in Goa: Goa is most popular tourist destination in India and its sea beaches are known as best in the world. Arabian Sea beaches of Goa offers some of the most popular water sports like Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Swimming, Snorkeling and Kayaking. Ocean water Sports also includes In the water and On the water sports.Surfing-in-India

Paragliding in Maharashtra: The Western Ghat hills of Maharashtra are one of the most preferred adventures sport destination in India. Place of Maharashtra like Panchgani,Kamshet,Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar are well known for recreational flying sport Paragliding in India. Paragliding is the another most special and thrilling sport after Parachuting or skydiving.

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