How to Travel Free !!!

Since childhood we were thought by our parents and teachers that one should be loyal to others and loyalty is the best thing you can ever give another. This thing applies in this industry as well which will help you travel free. Let me explain you how it works in travel.

With the ever growing cut throat competition, every company wants to retain their customers and make sure they do visit them often and on regular basis.

To support this, companies have started their loyal reward program. Whether it’s an Airline company, hotel, restaurant, credit card, travel portal etc everywhere you will find reward programs. All you have to do is Join their program and be loyal to one so you can enjoy the benefit which can come free as well.

This is a win win situation for both. Company makes money in the long term as their customers become loyal and the customer is benefitted with rewards and perks.

Let us discuss in details as how it works.

First and foremost apply for a credit card (A Travel credit card) which gives you the point or miles when you shop or travel, dine out or mere grocery shopping. and then you can redeem your collected points or miles against your travel booking. Following are the list of Best rewarding Credit Cards.

  • Citibank Premier Miles Card – This is the best in the industry and offers the most reward points and is never expiring
  • American Express MakeMyTrip Card
  • HDFC All Miles Card
  • ICICI Bank Card
  • SBI

Apply for Frequent Flyer Program from an airlines company

Almost all of the airline companies offer this program. You just have to register in their particular website and become a frequent flyer member. When you purchase a ticket online you get miles according to the distance traveled. It usually expires in 2-3 years so make sure you make use of it before that. Once you have collected the required miles you can upgrade it from economy to business or business to first class by redeeming miles. There are also options like pay half in miles and half in purchase Or even free ticket if you have said points(Limited seats which needs to be booked in advance). This way a cost Is divided and you can get a ticket for a cheaper price or a free upgrade.

Some of the frequent flyers are:

  • [eafl id=1531 name=”Qatar Airways” text=”Qatar Airways”]
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Jet Airways
  • Air India
  • British Airways

Apply for Travel Portal.

Travel portals like [eafl id=1533 name=”MakeMyTrip Hotels” text=”MakeMyTrip”] and GoIbibo have also started reward programs which are very good. You get One night free hotel stay when you book four nights and Payback point in [eafl id=1535 name=”MakeMyTrip Int Flight” text=”MakeMyTrip”].

GoIbibo offers a cash back reward which can be redeemed against your next purchase.


All big hotels now offer a reward loyalty program. Again same things apply, the more you visit your registered hotel, the more reward points you’ll get. and then you can enjoy free stay or a cheap stay. They also offer half point and half purchase.

The best rewards program are

  • [eafl id=1541 name=”IHG” text=”InterContinental Group”]
  • Hilton Honors
  • Marriott
  • Wyndham

Important Advise.

Make sure you always use your credit card for all the above purchases so you can make points on every purchase. Now a days companies are tied up with their preferred partners. So you get benefitted twice in one transaction

For example if you have a Citibank Premier miles card and you made a purchase on Etihad airways then you get points on credit card and miles on Etihad airways as well.

Some companies also have features wherein points can also be transferred from credit card to etihad and vice versa which gives you more flexibility.

So now that you all are aware make most use of this advantage and apply for reward program in all categories.

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