Travel India Vs Abroad – Plan an International Holiday for the cost of a National One !

Don’t we all love travelling and holidaying at nice locations, don’t we all want to explore the world, most of us have the dream of holidaying abroad but we suppress that dream because we think it will burn a deep hole in our pockets and our 9-5 cubicle jobs don’t always offer us enough to do so. But what if I said that you can travel to the best locations Abroad for the same price you plan your inter India holidays, surprised?.. don’t be, for in this article I’ll explain you about places you can visit internationally at the approximately same cost of a national one that too all under the budget frame of 50,000 INR .

Since a decade, tourism in India has shown a sharp growth and so the demand for flights, hotel, buses, trains, tourist attractions etc have also simultaneously increased. Now a days people In India take at least one trip in a year, outside their home town and go for vacation.

The Increase in work load, stress as a negative factor and the increase in income, money easily being at your disposal, change of people’s mentality towards travelling etc have positively factored in helping the growth of domestic and international tourism.

As there are lots of Tourist destinations in India, the demand for tourism has grown rapidly, and so have the prices for the same. In this article I would like to show, compare and discuss about the places you can travel abroad with the same budget of the places you’ll travel in India.

Stamp on Passport

The tourist destinations of India mentioned below if traveled by Air would cost approximately less or more, if its compared to travelling abroad. The prices of the tours mentioned below are extracted from the online travel portal [eafl id=1535 name=”MakeMyTrip Int Flight” text=”MakeMyTrip”] for Summer Vacation and have been compared for this article. In this, we are trying to show the possibility of travelling abroad for tourism at the budget of less than Rs 50,000.

  • Kashmir  40-50k for 6-8 days Vs Bhutan  40 – 50k for 5-7 days.
  • Andaman  38-50 k for 4-5 days Vs Bali, Indonesia  35-42k for 4-6 days.
  • Goa  20-30k for 4-6 days Vs Phuket, Thailand  32-45k for 4-6 days.
  • Kerala  30-40k for 4-6 days Vs Langkawi, Malaysia  40 – 60k for 5-7 days.
  • Himachal with Chandigarh Tour  25 – 35 k for 6- 8 days Vs Nepal  25 – 35k for 5-6 days.
  • Rajasthan Tour  30 – 45k for 6-8 days Vs Dubai, UAE  35-45k for 4-6 days.
  • Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty  25-35 k for 6-8 days Vs Singapore  30k to 45 k for 4-5 days.

So what are you waiting for, pack those bags and get going, for it’s time to get that passport of yours colourful.

Useful Links.

  • [eafl id=1543 name=”ClearTrip Hotels” text=”ClearTrip”]
  • [eafl id=1537 name=”Expedia” text=”Expedia”]
  • [eafl id=1535 name=”MakeMyTrip Int Flight” text=”MakeMyTrip”]
  • [eafl id=1541 name=”IHG” text=”InterContinental Group”]

P.S. – The cost of Travelling in India would be cheaper if you commute by train or bus. The above comparison is purely on basis of air travel from any part of India.

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