Treat her right !!!

Treat her right till she’s around
Treat her right when her heart is still young
Treat her right when she’s making memories that will last a lifetime

We take care of the delicate porcelain and crystal antiques on out shelf’s, we make sure we dust them regularly so their shine maintains, we are forever careful not to break them because they add to the beauty of our home. We water the plants in our gardens, we take care of their nourishment because they bear us fruits and flowers in return and add to the beauty of our homes as well. But do we take care of that one person who adds meaning to our lives, who labours for us, prays for us, looks after us ? Do we take care of the women in our lives ? The concept of loving our mothers has been fit into our mind by society since posterity and rightly. So, our mothers deserve all your respect, love and care because they brought you into this world, but what about that woman who makes you her world ? Why is it that often the wife is not included in important decisions, plannings, major discussions? Why is she always treated as an outsider and is often taken for granted ?

Why is it that wives are always the butt of every joke and every respectable quote is just for the mother and not her?  This is the truth faced by many. Don’t you think that you owe a lot to the lady who left everything behind to make a home with you, for you. Women sacrifice a lot to adjust in your environment and is taken for granted instead of being thanked because of the inherent mentality that every woman has to adjust according to her husbands household. It takes a lot of efforts, tears and pain to completely mold your self into something you are not for the sake of someone you love. And after making such major life sacrifices if a woman doesn’t get basic things that make her happy, she often slips into depression and hopelessness, she expects her son would treat her the same way her husband keeps her mom and that would cover up for the void and hence her sons future wife suffers the same fate as her right now.

All this because men don’t treat their women right, ask your selves, when was the last time you surprised you wife for no reason for occasion, when was the last time you bought her something without her telling you to buy it for her from front? Ask yourself when was the last time you made sure that you did something which swept her of her feet ? Ask yourself when did you do even one percent of the things she did to make you happy? Nope; surprises always don’t have to be expensive or extravagant all the time, did you ever give her a bouquet of roses ? Or a card thanking her to be with you in your struggle period? And if you don’t remember doing any of this then mister you ain’t treating your woman right. Life is too short and unpredictable, who knows one day she’s gone with wishes and dreams in her heart and you are left with the regret that ” I wish I could make her happy like she made me happy”.

Depression is a major problem faced by many women, and sometimes depression can take away a persons life because you never know how lonely or sad a person can be deep down inside, so don’t let your wife wait for her son to grow up and treat her right and give her utmost importance, Treat her right now when she is young and is making memories that will last a lifetime, give her everything she deserves and don’t ever let her heart pain by seeing how other women her age are treated better by their men, when you expect your wives to understand your situation and live accordingly , then you should also understand her and make her happy from time to time.. it doesn’t require much, just a little effort and loads of love

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