Why you should Visit India !!!

Planning to Visit India? Read what this country has to offer.

India is a vast country that’s just over one-third of the size of the United States. Much of it is rural, and there are some incredible sights to be seen and discovered. To the north, there are the Himalayas. To the south, beaches. To the west, desert. And to the east, tribal territory.

India is the seventh largest country in the world by area. With over a billion people, is second only to China in population. It is an extremely diverse country, with vast differences in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity across its expanse. It prides itself on being the largest democracy on Earth.

India is a unique travel destination that’s growing in popularity all the time. Thinking of visiting India? Here we give you reasons why you should !


People from around the globe come to India in their quest for spirituality and self discovery. Major spiritual centers in India include Bodhgaya, Benares, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Auroville and Dharamshala. As the global community becomes increasingly capitalistic, the quest for spirituality grows in urgency. India, its people, its infrastructure, and indeed its very soil, encourage and breed Spiritualism, allowing religions to thrive, flourish and prosper. India boasts the presence of every major religion in the world. As well many of their off-shoots and facets, all being supported, nourished, and living in comparative harmony.

Nature and Wildlife:


  1. The Himalayas: Many of the world’s highest mountains are part of this vast range that runs along India’s eastern border for more than 2,400 kilometers. Ladakh is one of the most daunting yet mesmerizing frontiers cradled in Greater Himalayas. It is best known for some of the world’s highest motorable passes and the scintillating Pangong Tso Lake.
  2. Kerala: Luscious green trees, pristine water, Backwaters, Crazy wildlife experience – visit Kerala for more such wonderful delights. Read about Kerela here.
  3. Wildlife: India is home to a variety of species. There are many National Parks and protected biospheres. These wildlife sanctuaries are the best place to come face to face with the abundant wildlife in India. The wildlife sanctuaries of India are home to many endangered species on planet earth.
  4. The holiest river in the world: The Ganges River runs 2,525 km from the northern Himalayas all the way to the Bay of Bengal. It is much more than a river to the one billion Hindus in India and beyond.
  5. Desert: Rajasthan state of India has a desert called Thar.
  6. Snow: Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh is blessed with snowfall activity and Kashmir is often regarded as Paradise of Earth and often compared as Mini Switzerland. Read about Kashmir here.

Architecture, Palaces and Forts

India has been ruled by many countries in the past and has a great history of kings, as a result they have built great monuments and structures almost all over India by different kings. Some of the top states to allure you are ;


  1. Rajasthan: This state attracts tourists for its historical forts, palaces, art and culture. Every third foreign tourist visiting India also travels to Rajasthan as it is part of the Golden Triangle for tourists visiting India. Endowed with natural beauty and a great history, Rajasthan has a flourishing tourism industry. The palaces of Jaipur, lakes of Udaipur, and desert forts of Jodhpur, Bikaner &Jaisalmer are among the most preferred destinations of many tourists. Read more on Rajasthan here.
  2. Delhi and Agra: Who has not heard about Taj Mahal. One of the top wonders of the world and a symbol of Love. Besides Taj Mahal, there are many more forts in Agra and Delhi area which cant be ignored. Read more on Delhi here and Agra here
  3. Maharashtra: Mostly ruled by Marathas and then British, you will find great forts of Maratha and beautifull architectural buildings by British in and around Mumbai.
  4. South India: There is a great history and kingdom in South India and you will find palaces of King like Tipu Sultan and others here.


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  1. Festivals:
    There’s a festival just about every day in India. From the festival of colour (Holi) to festival of lights (Diwali).
  2. Religion: India is a diverse country and as Hinduism is main religion of this country, you will find people following other religions as well. From Muslim, Christianity, Sikh, Jainism, Buddhism etc. You can see diverse cultures as soon as you change states.

Food :


The food items may vary from region to region, but all of them are rich in flavor and presentation. Indians are generally perceived as vegetarians, and there are a huge number of artful and great tasting vegetarian dishes and curries.

For more details Read My Post on 29 Best Foods of India and Street foods of India

India is a Great Value Destination :

You can travel as cheaply or as lavishly as you want in India, and that’s definitely part of its appeal as a tourist destination. There’s a saying in India, “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which means “the guest is God”. Indians consider it a huge honor to have guests in their home, and go out of their way to please them. There’s nothing like Indian hospitality. And, as a result of the growing popularity of home-stays in India, there are plenty of opportunities to experience it. While there are sporadic tourist scams like pick pocketing and overcharging by street vendors and taxi / auto rickshaw drivers, by and large the Indians are extremely helpful and friendly.

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India has a lot to offer, it has something for everyone … find out what it has for you .. plan your next vacation in Incredible India.

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