Why is wool the best fabric?

We all know that wool as the clothing material has been used throughout history and despite with the arrival of more complex artificial clothing fabrics, it continues to be used today as well. Generally, wool is used for making sweaters, blankets, quilts and other coverings to provide warm and comfort in the winters. Now so many products are made of wool and can be worn in summers as well.

Wool is taken out from the fleece of different animals. There are different types of wool and they vary from animal to animal. There is a huge number of advantages associated with this material and that is the reason why demand for wool clothing remains on top worldwide. 

Wool clothing can give you so many advantages and some of them are as follows: 

  1. Natural Fabric 

As we know that wool is taken out from the fleece of animals so it is totally a natural fabric to make clothes. The good thing about this material is that it contains no synthetic chemicals. It is best to wear for those people who may be allergic to artificial clothing materials. Moreover, the most important thing about this material is that it can be harvested without killing the animals that produce it. 

  1. Warm and Cool 

The woolen clothing creates pockets of air, which leads to a natural form of insulation. In cold weather, woolen clothes stay warm and when the temperature increases, woolen clothes help you to stay cool and look fresh. Woolen clothes are also useful against summer sweat, because they wick sweat and other types of dampness away from the body 

  1. Fire Retardant:                              

This material is a fabric that does not burn easily. In fact, wool fabric will put out a fire itself when ignited. That is the reason why people from the fire departments use wool in their uniform to protect themselves from flames. The status of wool as a natural fire retardant means that it does not require to be treated with synthetic retardants.

  1. Mold Resistant 

As wool does not collect moisture, so it hardly ever attracts mold or bacteria. Since dust needs moisture to survive, so it tends to repel it as well. This important feature is best for people who have asthma, allergies or other breathing problems because will not react 

  1. Supportive 

This is a very flexible material that allows it to provide support the joints and different pressure points on the body. This feature of wool makes it soft and comfortable for those people who are suffering from rheumatism or arthritis because it allows them to move with less pain. Wool trousers or bed sheets provide comfort during the sleep because it supports the body and prevents it from little aches during the whole night. 

  1. Light and Strong 

This is a lightweight clothing material but it is considered as one of the strongest and resistible materials available in the market. Unlike cotton or other artificial fabrics, wool fabric lasts longer and resists tears more readily. Moreover, its lightweight feature makes it a best choice suitable for casual wear to maintain comfort level.

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